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How do I clean my natural stone floor?

First cleaning

Wait at least a week before cleaning after grouting. For the first month, you should mop the floor with water only, ensuring that it becomes only slightly damp. This will allow the floor to dry out fully. After this, we recommend using QTOP Clean Floor.

Periodic cleaning

Use QTOP Clean Floor once a week to remove all dirt quickly and effortlessly. This first-class product can be applied on all water-resistant surfaces such as tiles, marble and stone-like materials (and also on linoleum, varnished wood and synthetic materials).

Imop cleaning appliance

By agreement with the Dutch manufacturer we are able to distribute these appliances exclusively to our customers. We offer two types:

  • The IMOP Lite, which is ideal for cleaning a private home.
  • The heavier, more robust IMOP XL is intended for larger areas.

We have both appliances in our workshop and would be pleased to let you try them out so you can see for yourself how handy the appliances are.

Extra tips

  • Provide a good entrance mat.
  • Vacuum regularly, including before mopping.
  • Always use tap water.
  • Do not use too much water, so that it cannot penetrate via the joints.
  • Always use the same products of the same brand.
  • Follow the instructions on the packaging carefully.
  • Spilt something? Wipe up the stain with kitchen roll. Be sure not to rub in.

Onderhoudsproducten bestellen voor natural stone:

Potier Stone

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