QTOP Clean Intense

QTOP Clean Intense

QTOP Clean Intense is a ready-to-use product especially developed to deep clean your worktops (kitchen worktops, slabs, counters, washbasins, etc.). The product will remove built-up layers and films to reveal the natural character of your worktop once again. Use QTOP CLEAN INTENSE to remove stains such as oil, grease, self-shining products and residue from old maintenance products, construction dirt and slight grout haze. This product ensures intensive deep cleaning.
  • deep cleaning
  • polished, matte and acidified surfaces
  • marbles with an XQUISE finish, granite, composite, ceramic
  • 500 ml
  • €17.95

WARNING! QTOP Clean Intense may not be used on chalky polished stone types. Avoid splashing delicate surfaces (e.g. varnished wood, wallpaper, etc.) or rinse immediately. The surface may not be warmer than 25°C. Repeat the process with particularly stubborn dirt, possibly apply for longer or in more concentrated form and/or scrub.

Our products from the “QTOP CLEAN” range have only been tested for use on surfaces finished by Potier Stone. If you wish to use our products on surfaces that have not been finished by Potier Stone, you do so at your own risk and we are not responsible. It must be determined before use whether the product is suitable for its intended purpose. This determination is made at your own risk.

Shipping Belgium: €12
Shipping The Netherlands: €16.40
No shipping costs on orders from four bottles.

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