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With our years of experience and the expertise we have built up, we are perfectly placed to advise you on our materials and their technical possibilities.

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The unique XQUISE finish for natural stone was developed in our own workshop. In combination with our QTOP® Protect & Clean products, it provides guaranteed stain resistance. XQUISE lends the surface a matte look and a pleasant feel. Potier Stone is the only natural stone processing company that offers a maintenance guarantee for marble.

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XQUISE surface finish maintenance guarantee


A natural stone wall brings style and elegance to an interior. Having to compromise on this, often with unavoidable combinations of less elegant materials, is a shame. The Unseen collection comprises four tailor-made concepts.
Push buttons, taps, power sockets and drain plugs are fully integrated into the natural stone. All elements become pleasing to the eye.

If you have seen something that you would like ‘Unseen’, let us know. Our stone experts will be pleased to tackle it.

unseen fresh unseen flow (1) Unseen water
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PS Masters

PS Masters seeks the boundaries of natural stone and pushes them back. What for others is an end point is for us a new start. Creations from nature taken to a higher level.

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Magic Split

With the Magic Split technique, we glue various slabs of natural stone together, with virtually invisible joints between them. By doing so, we take the finish to a higher level and the piece of furniture looks as if it consists of one large block of marble.

Pascal Francois – Invisible Blue – Photo Cafeine LR – Alain De Bree – Fortemoro – Photo Cafeine (13)
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We like to give natural stone the attention it deserves by using bookmatching. When unfolding the slabs, we take account of colourmatching, continuous pattern and open book.

Where possible, we give preference to adopting the bookmatching technique. This involves unfolding various slabs, taking account of the pattern. This is possible with a continuous pattern, open book and colourmatching. As a customer, you can obtain a preview of this at any time.

Natural stone wall fireplace Bookmatching Open Book Tempory Brown marble Calacatta Rigate Oro Bookmatch Autumn Leaf Bookmatch
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With organic shapes we use solid blocks of natural stone. These are shaped to the required model in our modern machine park using CNC, water jet and robots. Solid sinks, columns, ornaments, etc., can be manufactured with ease.

Gerd Couckhuyt BHOOM – Calacatta Oro – Photos Lenzer (5) BHOOM – Gerd Couckhuyt – Project Goddeeris – Calacatta Oro – Photo Lenzer
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