imop Lite

Imop Lite (care for your marble floor)

We are regularly asked “What is the best way to care for our floor?” Our research has shown that IMOP is the best choice.

  • Very compact and manageable appliance.
  • Battery operated so no hassle with extension leads.
  • Can scrub and mop.
  • Suctions used water away so that the dirt is actually removed, not simply moved around.
  • Clean water tank with handy filling system and soap dispenser.
  • Dirty water collection tank; easy to remove and empty.
  • Storage stand and wheels; easy to move around.
  • Ergonomic working posture.

By agreement with the Dutch manufacturer able to distribute these appliances exclusively to our customers. We offer two types:

  • The IMOP Lite, which is ideal for cleaning a private home.
  • The heavier, more robust IMOP XL is intended for larger areas.

Would you like more information or a demonstration? We have both appliances in our workshop and would be pleased to let you try them out so you can see for yourself how handy the appliances are.   Cost price: € 3,598.66 Don’t forget your I Dose daily!

Shipping Belgium: € 75 Shipping The Netherlands: € 50

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