This year, for the first time Potier Stone presents an inspiring and trend-related sample box consisting of ten types of marble. On this page, you will find an overview of the samples and the unique techniques, benefits and options that Potier Stone can offer for your project.

Read more in the blog article about the Trend Collection Fall 22 – Spring 23 ‘From Dusk till Dawn’.

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  • Steppa Caramella

    Steppa Caramella

    Meet Steppa Caramella, a grey-tinted marble with small, subtle shades and characteristic relief.

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  • Nebbia Bronzato

    Nebbia Bronzato

    Nebbia Bronzato, detailed to look impressive. Full of fragile hues and shades.

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  • Linee di Notte

    Linee di Notte

    Linee di Notte marks an interior with a nonchalant interplay of lines. All different pigments push themselves to the surface.

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  • Onde Del Mare

    Onde del Mare

    Onde del Mare, a strong impression of the sea, with waves of light grey to dark green and even violet, pink or golden hues.

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  • Ostrica Bianca

    Ostrica Bianca

    Ostrica Bianca is a hidden pearl among marbles: white with grey areas and subtle golden lines.

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  • Alba Oro

    Alba Oro

    Alba Oro, distinguished by its golden and grey veins. Two matching colours pushing away the morning white.

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  • Colpo di Luna

    Colpo di Luna

    Colpo di Luna is like the lunar surface. A symbiosis of craters in a flat stone, defined by sandy hues and organic outlines.

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  • Alta Marea

    Alta Marea

    Alta Marea is characterised by bronze colour shifts of the morning sun. Sunbeams bring shimmer with a resplendent look.

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  • Nuvola Bianca

    Nuvola Bianca

    Nuvolo Bianca makes one look upwards. A cloud clover’s drifting apart, leaving a broken surface of grey clouds.

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  • Saleria


    A salt flat endlessly cracles by fine grey and beige veins, captured in this Saleria marble.

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Techniques, options and benefits

QTOP PROTECT treatment

We always recommend our QTOP PROTECT treatment. This is the best protection on the market, ensuring maximum stain resistance and optimum ease of maintenance, and is always provided as standard.

XQUISE surface finish

This surface finish was developed in our own workshop and varies from stone to stone. It lends the surface a matte look and a pleasant, warm feel. In combination with our unique QTOP Protect & Clean, it also ensures the maximum level of stain resistance.

SOFT TOUCH surface finish

As with our other products, this surface finish was developed in-house. Depending on the structure of the stone, it gives the surface a mat look, giving the stone a warm and pleasant feeling, and when combined with QTOP Protect & Clean, it also gives a maximum level of stain resistance.


This is where digitally we lay out the templates of the stone onto the digitally photographed and measured slabs, in accordance with the BOOKMATCH principles. This enables a continuous pattern and colouring between different slabs, and perfect pattern mirroring when making an open book pattern.


The digital templates are digitally cut out of the slabs that have been selected for a project and assembled onto one photo-realistic drawing for the customers approval. At this point any comments or queries from the client over structure or colour are greatly appreciated.

Magic Split

MAGIC SPLIT involves bonding two slabs together in our workshops with a virtually invisible flat joint, using specially coloured acrylate, which is mixed to match the colouring of the stone. This takes the finishing on the project to another level.

HI-TECH joint

A HI-TECH joint, is the virtually invisible bonding of two slabs together on the building site itself, using specially coloured acrylate, which is mixed to match the colouring of the stone. HI-TECH joints can only be applied to XQUISE or SOFT TOUCH surfaces, that are prepared in our previously in our workshops.

XPLORE finish

This surface was developed for surfaces with relief. XPLORE involves the filling of the surface after assembly in the workshops, resulting is an outstanding quality of relief finish. For maximum stain resistance and optimum ease of maintenance, we finish the piece with our QTOP Protect & Clean system.

Curious to discover the possibilities for your own project?

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