Potier Stone launches trendy ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ collection with inspirational sample kit and trend book

For the last year and a half, the world has been somewhat shrouded in a dense fog. However, today we are returning, shining the light of progress and positivism, with our new interiors. With its accompanying sample kit and trend book, Potier Stone represents the start of new beginnings, as part of our first inspiring ‘Fall 22 – Spring 23’ Trend Collection. Ten samples, each with a mood board and tips for inspiration, give prominence to nature and everything that happens between night and day, and between day and night. Let’s tell you more about ‘From Dusk till Dawn’.

A new era

Following the pandemic, interior design is looking to hark back to life’s true values, with nature playing a prominent role. Marble is a natural product par excellence, and the Potier Stone range provides ten carefully selected types of marble pattern for the Fall 22 – Spring 23 Trend Collection, reflective of nature as it was yesterday, as it is today and how it will be tomorrow, with a selection of different colours, veinings and even textures. The ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ collection represents day and night – and everything in between – as a reflection of our renewed optimism and return to normality through shades of light and dark.

Inspirational trend book

The ten marble samples come with a trend book, wherein the stone used in the Poitier Stone collection is showcased through sophisticated mood boards, providing inspiration for your projects or creations. The range covers current and future interior trends, guaranteed to make the difference, every time. Innovative, challenging, extravagant or subtle: this selection is the icing on the cake for any design project.

Make it part of your project

The trend book, with accompanying sample kit, is designed to serve as inspiration. It is of course up to the expertise of (interior) architects and designers to incorporate Potier Stone materials into their projects according to their own taste and vision. Each type of marble in the collection has its own QR code, providing additional information and an image of the whole marble slab from which the sample has been cut. Should further information about the marble’s (technical) features be required, the Potier Stone team is always on hand to assist.

Get inspired and immerse yourself in our Fall 22 – Spring 23 collection.

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