La Réserve

The floor

Tesoro Veneziano, the secret of Venice. The stone that keeps the city afloat. The city is built on waterlogged ground, making the construction of sturdy buildings a challenge. But the builders of Venice had a secret. They protected the wooden piles sunk deep into the ground with Tesoro Veneziano. This stone was not only used for superb palaces and churches, but can also be found in the prestigious La Réserve. As you stroll through the enchanting corridors and terraces of La Réserve, take a moment to appreciate the secret of Tesoro Veneziano.

The furniture

Marron Napoleon, the character in the interior. The superb dark grey stone with striking veins lends added character to the spaces and contrasts marvellously with the pale tints. The focal point is a fireplace wall made of solid pieces, sawn by Brachot to the required thicknesses to form a meticulous and perfect curved bookmatch, creating a superb continuous motif thanks to a combination of our machinery and our manual craftsmanship. This showstopper radiates craftsmanship and we are proud to say that the result fully lived up to the intended design. This was achieved in cooperation with De Puydt fireplaces. The curved wall of fame was also created using this superb material. Here too, account was taken of the continuous pattern and motif in the wall, which turns 90° with a lovely rounded corner. As a finishing touch, the names of a number of celebrities who have visited La Réserve hotel were hand-carved into the wall. They include Charles Aznavour, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Jean-Claude Van Damme, David Beckham, Brigitte Bardot and others. The luxurious look of onyx. Of course, the architect also included a few special touches in the interior. Various forms of onyx were used for this. The champagne buckets, washbasin units and other items were made of solid blocks of stone. Each piece was finished by hand to create a unique work of art. Light was added to the onyx here and there to bring out the material to the full. Around the onyx, Marron Napoleon was used in the restrooms.