Tesoro Veneziano

The secret of Venice. The stone that keeps the city afloat. The city is built on waterlogged ground, making the construction of sturdy buildings a challenge. But the builders of Venice had a secret. They protected the wooden piles sunk deep into the ground with Tesoro Veneziano. It was not just a stone; it had the power to make the city’s buildings sparkle with splendour and magnificence. You see, Venice had a small secret. Legend has it that those who dared to cheat using another stone paid a heavy price. The Venetians knew the magic of Tesoro Veneziano and used it to create superb palaces and churches that still amaze visitors today. This stone was not only used for superb palaces and churches, but can also be found in the prestigious La Réserve. As you stroll through the enchanting corridors and terraces of La Réserve, take a moment to appreciate the secret of Tesoro Veneziano.



Surface finish developed in our own workshop. In combination with our QTOP Protect & Clean products, it provides guaranteed stain resistance.

Soft Touch

Surface finish with a matte look and a pleasant feel. In combination with our QTOP Protect & Clean products, it provides maximum stain resistance.


This finish was developed in our own workshop for surfaces with a relief.


External finishes that can be applied by Potier Stone, such as poco veccio and agrippa fine

Projects with this marmer:

La Réserve