Marron Napoleon

Choose Marron Napoleon and embrace the perfection of nature in its most luxurious, high-quality form. Let the subtle veins and warm tints captivate you amid an ambiance of exclusivity and sophistication. Dare to dream and make your vision reality with the elegant splendour of Marron Napoleon! The superb brown to dark grey natural stone with its sublime pale veins embodies sophistication and elegance. The versatility and timeless beauty of this exceptional stone has the capacity to transform your space into a real oasis of luxury and style. Whether you are in search of a stone that adds a hint of class to your project or a natural, high-quality solution to create a prestigious feel, Marron Napoleon will effortlessly enhance any setting. The many possible finishes give you the freedom to create a unique atmosphere, ranging from refined minimalism to opulent splendour. Give free rein to your creativity as you fashion a timeless masterpiece that will stand the test of time.


Soft Touch

Surface finish with a matte look and a pleasant feel. In combination with our QTOP Protect & Clean products, it provides maximum stain resistance.


This finish was developed in our own workshop for surfaces with a relief.


External finishes that can be applied by Potier Stone, such as poco veccio and agrippa fine

Projects with this marmer:

La Réserve