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Especially for this strange holiday period, we would like to share four festive cocktail recipes.

Gathering together for Christmas and New Year is not possible this year, but that does not stop you from making things cosy and delicious at home. So spoil your bubble with one (or all) of the cocktails that Hannah Van Ongevalle developed exclusively for Potier Stone. The lucky ones were able to try them during the Marbar presentation at Interieur Kortrijk 2018.
If you missed them then, with the necessary ingredients you can easily make them at home!

What’s more, the Magic Split and Unseen are perfect as mocktails, too.



2 cl jonge jenever – 1 cl gin – 3 cl red vermouth – 3 cl Campari – ice

Bittersweet vermouth is made mainly in Italy, not by chance a country where Potier Stone, too, feels thoroughly at home. This delicious aperitif was named after our furniture line. Red vermouth is delicious on the rocks, but is also perfect for mixing with Belgian jenever and gin. The full tastes go marvellously well together with the slightly aromatic touch of the Italian vermouth. You can make this surprising alternative to the Negroni easily yourself. Ideal as an aperitif for any party at home.

cocktails by Hannah Van Ongevalle


4 cl vodka – 3 cl raspberry-hibiscus syrup – 2 cl Supasawa elderflower tonic – ice

This fruity cocktail offers a perfect balance of sweet and sour. The elderflower tonic underpins the floral note, the Supasawa lends the drink a fresh lemony touch. You can easily make the syrup yourself as well, with the help of a blender. For 20 cl, use 10 cl sugar syrup, 5 cl raspberry coulis, 5 cl hibiscus in syrup, which you can buy at the supermarket. Just like Hannah, you can also add lavender, a vanilla pod and a pinch of sea salt. This cocktail can also be made with gin, jenever or tequila … or it is delicious without alcohol.

cocktails by Hannah Van Ongevalle


5 cl gin – 3 cl Supasawa – 2 cl lemongrass – fennel syrup – 2 dashes of celery bitters – Mediterranean tonic

Just like Unseen from Potier Stone, this cocktail is a unique creation. This aromatic highball is strong, but divinely fresh. The fennel syrup provides a slight aniseed flavour, while the lemongrass gives it an Asian touch. The celery bitters adds bite and can be replaced by an orange bitters. Top the cocktail off with a good dose of Mediterranean Tonic. You can adapt the basic recipe to suit your own tastes. For example, you could use other herbs, rather than lemongrass and fennel. This drink is just as delicious with tequila, white rum, vodka… or virgin style.

cocktails by Hannah Van Ongevalle


5 cl dark rum – 1 cl Joie de Houblonesse – 2 dashes of walnut bitters – 1 cl ginger-almond syrup – ice

Last but not least. This cocktail is Hannah Van Ongevalle’s tribute to Potier Stone, where they are known to be rum lovers. Once again, this cocktail has a distinctive Belgian tint and slips down with delightful ease. Joie de Houblonesse is a regional product made in Poperinge, but it is easily available online. The slight touch of hop shoots and the full-bodied Joie add to the character of the brown rum. You can make the syrup yourself, too, by heating sugar syrup, adding and then removing the ginger, and mixing the sugar with the same quantity of orgeat syrup. This cocktail is guaranteed to warm you up a degree or two. Perfect as a digestif.

cocktails by Hannah Van Ongevalle

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