Marbar – Gerd Couckhuyt – Photo Cafeïne

Potier Stone does the impossible: MARBAR

At the Biënnale Interieur design and interior event, everyone asked us the same question.
“What do you mean, it’s not a print?!”

We can’t resent them for it: the high-end MARBAR is an unprecedented eye-catcher. Potier Stone has pushed back the boundaries of natural stone: together with architect Gerd Couckhuyt, we have developed a mobile bar in marble.

We at Potier Stone thought it was odd that in many cases, little attention is paid to the bar at events, even though the rest of the room is beautifully decorated. The idea to design a mobile bar was born. We set Gerd Couckhuyt the task of putting our specialist knowledge to the test: could he create a really quirky marble bar like this, which we would then produce?

Marbar – Gerd Couckhuyt – Photo Cafeïne Marbar – Gerd Couckhuyt – Photo Cafeïne

And Couckhuyt set us a challenge… Potier Stone worked on MARBAR for six months. It was a magnificent achievement, particularly when you think that everything is made from one slab of Grigio Fantastico marble, 20 mm thick.

It was quite a puzzle: the front of the marble bar is fully self-supporting for 2.80 metres and internally lit. If you look at the handles behind the bar properly, you can see that just there, the marble is no more than 1 mm thick!

Marbar – Gerd Couckhuyt – Photo Cafeïne Marbar – Gerd Couckhuyt – Photo Cafeïne

Hannah van Ongevalle served our customers several delicious cocktails at Interieur 2018. She mentioned several times how handy, user friendly and quite simply incredible our MARBAR was. She could store her ingredients in the upper panel, found the ice box useful, and if she felt like dancing while she worked… then that’s what she did!

Marbar – Gerd Couckhuyt – Photo Cafeïne Marbar – Gerd Couckhuyt – Photo Cafeïne

But our favourite part of MARBAR is the solid tap! The way we made this tap still brings a smile to our face. Of course, working with natural stone is what we do, but where has Potier Stone made the difference? Even with the most challenging projects, like this bar, we give pride of place to our special techniques, Bookmatch and Magic Split.

Photos by Cafeïne

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