Totally Feng Shui

Relax completely in the superb massage practice at Inner Tree.

Designer Mai Waelkens used Feng Shui when designing the rooms. This Chinese doctrine is based on the awareness that our surroundings exert a continuous influence on us. This gives rise to spaces where the emphasis is on efficiency, liveability and sensory aspects which enhance a living and working environment.

Craft finishing techniques and characteristic materials such as Ceppo Di Sabbia natural stone were used in the massage rooms.

Design Studio maiDesign

Photography Cafeïne

Mai Waelkens
Studio maiDesign

Thanks to Potier’s unique XQUISE finish, the stone feels soft and warm. I wanted to include this tactile aspect in the user experience. In addition, this finish provides adequate protection against the oils applied during the massage.

Potier Stone helps think about making high-end applications feasible. In the bathroom area of this massage practice, a washbasin unit almost 5 metres long was fitted seamlessly.

For me, Potier Stone is an extremely reliable partner. Each project is worked out in full so that every detail contributes to an end result that the client can enjoy for years.