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Summer trend

The summer of 2021 is already a special one. With many ups and downs, from the first festivals and delightful, warm summer evenings to dreary days and flooding. So it’s time to bring the sun indoors. With this summer’s on-trend material, you can always imagine you are on the beaches of the Mediterranean.

From the mountain river

The sandy coloured Ceppo Di Sabbia is the summer sister of the classic grey Ceppo Di Gres. It is a conglomerate, a sedimentary stone consisting of small pebbles and gravel. This natural stone comes into being when crumbled stones from mountains end up in rivers, resulting in the rounded pebbles that you see, rather than angular pieces.

Blij Interieur - Ceppo Di Sabbia - Cafeïne Mai Waelkens-photo-cafeine

Summer interior

Would you like to give your interior a warm, cosy touch? In that case, Ceppo Di Sabbia is the ideal stone for you! Various finishes are also possible, so Ceppo can be used in different ways.

View a few Ceppo Di Sabbia projects here:

Mai Waelkens-photo-cafeine-be-6968knip
Blij Interieur - Ceppo Di Sabbia - Cafeïne

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