Potier Stone x Luca School of Arts

If you are familiar with Potier Stone, you probably already know that we work as sustainably as possible. This is why we looked for a solution for slabs that have already been cut into.

Slabs that have already been cut into

Due to the finishing method we use (bookmatch, colourmatch, etc.), we are not always able to cut the materials in the most economical way. So some remnants end up lost in a corner. They are no longer big enough to be used in a new project, but they are too big not to be used at all.

Leftover material


So we went in search of a solution. We contacted the Luca School of Arts to ask if they could devise a project for this. The following project was set up. We gave the students an initiation into natural stone and the technical possibilities. They came to visit our company for this. They are now starting their assignment to make a design using our leftover materials.

Explanation of customised bowl Looking round leftover material


During workshop periods at school, we assist the students further so that they can hand in a feasible design. We mainly give technical advice and see what is possible. Adjustments are made if necessary. We hope this will yield great results.

Explanation of machine park and techniques Explanation of joints


The final stage is to put together a jury to look at the work. They examine both the design and the practicability for our workshop. Eventually a winner is chosen.

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