Timeless textures in Travertine

Travertine is a natural stone that people have used for centuries in architecture and interiors. It has a soft, warm look with a unique, open, lined structure. In this project, the various applications of travertine are showcased in and around the home. We transformed the outdoor swimming pool into an oasis of peace and quiet. The soft materials and textures of the adjacent seating area perfectly match the robustness of the stone. The elegant plinth along the swimming pool marking the separation from the planted beds radiates peace and serenity. The various elements in this project were all made from a single block of travertine to achieve a uniform colour for both the flooring and the furniture. This created a superb continuous pattern with the numbered tiles. The top that adds the final touch in the kitchen with two different surface finishes exudes class and tranquillity. We finished the interior with touches of travertine, combining perfectly with the softer textures also used here. The result is a harmonious whole of natural textures and colours. Travertine is a timeless material that suits every style and atmosphere. The overall result is characterised by a captivating combination of natural textures and colours that blend harmoniously together.