Den Anker

Den Anker is a remarkable total project in which the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet were done in different sorts of natural stone. The floor and stairs are marble, too.
We start with the kitchen, where Ceppo di Gres was combined with white Blanco Zeus quartz composite.
Mystic Brown was chosen for the bathroom… The name of this natural stone says everything about this impressive bathroom furniture. Potier Stone made the entire cupboard in stone, including the drawer fronts and the basin. The double washbasin was custom-made in bookmatch (continuous pattern).
The polished Nero Dorado fireplace was built as a staircase. The black marble was bookmatched (continuous pattern).
Last but not least: the smallest room was done with Unseen Fresh in Ceppo Di Gres. The push button on the toilet was embedded into the natural stone wall.

Design: INsight-IN

Photography: Cafeine