Brussels manor

To restore this mansion to its former glory, classical ornaments, such as the curved doorways, were put in various places.
Another classic was chosen for the two bathrooms: Carrara S marble which was also used on the walls in the form of fishbone tiles.

The sand-coloured Chambolle was used in the spa, a stone that fully complements the zen feeling.

Design JUMA architects

Photography Annick Vernimmen

Mathieu Luyens
JUMA architects

The custom work in this stately mansion was undertaken by Potier Stone. Their expertise in custom work came in very handy here to implement the complex designs of the washbasins. The rounded passageways made this dossier particularly complex.

The client chose a Carrara for the bathrooms and Chambolle for the spa. A rather classic choice, but no less beautiful for all that. In one of the bathrooms, the Carrara was used in three different versions: sanded tiles, fishbone pattern and custom work.