A place called home

Evelyn Moreels’ renovated mansion is a real home for her and her family. At the same time, it is a unique show house, serving to display her talents as an interior designer.

A mix of timeless elements, warm, rich materials, and soft, patinated tints, with a stroke of daring here and there.

For natural stone, Evelyn always relies on the craftsmanship of Potier Stone. The distinctive Bianco Lasa Covelano was chosen for the kitchen. One bathroom was finished with soft Ceppo Romano and the other with a robust Fortemoro.

Interior designer Evelyn Moreels

Photography Cafeïne

Evelyn Moreels
Interior architect

Potier Stone has been a permanent and extremely skilled partner for many years. They are an inspiring partner, with new materials and applications and what is more, their follow-up is fantastic.

I instantly fell for the marble in the kitchen during a visit to the workshop. I bought the natural stone even before the house, in the hope that we would be able to do something beautiful with this block. The way the Bianca Lasa Covelano was integrated into the kitchen island is impressive.