Monster4 cnc

Welcome little monster

A new Monster has joined the Potier Stone family!
The Monster 4, a d2 CNC machine, has been added to our machine park.

Little Monster?

It’s not really small: the Monster 4 is the biggest machine we have acquired since the Monster Jet. It weighs no less than 11 tonnes and is 7 metres wide. Having been made in Portugal, which took months, it was shipped to our company in Belgium in early June. Once here, it took another two months before the CNC machine was ready for use.

Some of the components were so big and heavy that our five-tonne bridge couldn’t cope. With the help of crane operator Roger Cocquyt, all the parts reached their allotted place in our workshop.

Monster 4 cnc Monster 4 cnc

The Monster 4 is designed to process all types of natural stone, composite and ceramic. It can turn huge blocks of marble into bathtubs, washbasin units, shower floors, tables, sculptures and pillars. From the rough work to the finest details, the possibilities are endless!

This great investment makes our machine park complete (for the time being). We are already getting down to work!

Step by step

Watch this short film to see how the Monster 4 was assembled step by step!
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Photography Cedric Verhelst

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