Interieur Kortrijk 2018

UNSEEN: unseen & brand-new

A natural stone wall lends style and elegance to an interior. Having to compromise on this, often with unavoidable combinations of less elegant materials, is a shame. Unseen comprises four tailor-made concepts. Push buttons, taps, power sockets and plugs are fully integrated into the natural stone. Nothing displeasing to the eye remains.


The idea for Unseen came from the smallest room. Imagine a superb space where the toilet is embedded in a marble wall. Exquisite, were it not for the plastic flush button that ruins the whole thing.

Unseen Fresh is a toilet push button integrated into stone, custom made and personalised. The button consists of a simple, even surface and forms an attractive whole with the back wall. This is a unique concept, found nowhere else in the world, and is suitable for all types of natural stone.

Unseen by Potier Stone – design INsight-IN – Photo Cafeine (6) Unseen by Potier Stone – design INsight-IN – Photo Cafeine (8)


With Unseen Flow, Potier Stone provides the solution for plugs that would otherwise spoil the appearance of the marble washbasin or shower floor. The drain is fully embedded and blends with the surrounding natural stone.

Unseen Flow – photo Bert Vereecke Unseen Flow – photo Bert Vereecke


With our latest innovation, the water seems to appear out of nothing. The taps have been fully embedded in the natural stone, flush-mounted with a continuous pattern. When the water is off, the handle is virtually invisible. Unique and unseen.

Unseen water Unseen Water

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