Summer Selection

Will the summer be as hot as the spring? We’re not sure about that yet.
We have selected four ‘hot marbles’ for this summer.
This selection of natural stones takes you straight to the beach.

Contact sales@potierstone.be for more information about these stones.
Our Stone Experts will be happy to help you choose the right stone for your project.

Onyx Linea Light

Onyx Linea Light is an expressive natural stone with characteristic lines in beige and brown.

onyx linea light onyx linea light

Breccia Romano

A lovely sand-coloured Breccia Romano. Enhanced by our Xplore surface finish, this stone is at its best.

Breccia Romano Breccia Romano

Calacatta Rigate Oro

This latest supply of Calacatta Rigate Oro is characterised by dense markings criss-crossed by deep golden veins.

Calacatta Rigate Oro – Calacatta Aria Calacatta Rigate Oro – Calacatta Aria

Travertin S

Travertin is available in hues ranging from white to dark grey and Persian red. These Travertin S slabs have a warm beige tint.

Travertin S Travertin S

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