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Stain-resistant marble with XQUISE

Stains on your natural stone: accidents can easily happen!
Fortunately, with XQUISE Potier Stone offers a 100% maintenance guarantee.

What is XQUISE?

Many people don’t consider marble and natural stone when choosing the material for floors, kitchen worktops and bathrooms.
Marble is thought to be high-maintenance and unable to withstand grease stains and marks left by acids like fruit and wine.

At Potier Stone, we have put our many years of experience and expertise to use in order to find a permanent solution to this.
The XQUISE surface finish was developed in our own workshop. Combined with the use of our QTOP Clean products, it offers maximum stain resistance for natural stone.

Spilt something?

The unique XQUISE surface finish is one of our main assets.
This means that with XQUISE, applications in the kitchen, dining room or bathroom are no problem for the often porous marbles!
Spilt something? Wipe over it immediately with a moist non-scratch sponge and then rub dry with a clean microfibre cloth.

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For all marbles?

In addition, this technique lends the surface a matte look and a pleasant feel.
Potier Stone is the only natural stone processing company that offers a maintenance guarantee for marble.

The XQUISE treatment is not suitable for every natural stone, so each new type of stone is thoroughly tested in our lab.

You can view all the marbles that are possible with the XQUISE surface finish here.


Extra tips

  • Never put hot pans, pots or dishes directly on your worktop. Always use a mat. Some materials can withstand these temperatures but any material can suffer a thermal fracture as a result, which is not covered by the guarantee.
  • For the same reason, you should never pour boiling water directly into stone sinks. This causes a sudden temperature change, as a result of which the material could crack.
  • You can chop directly on most of the materials used without causing any damage. However, we strongly advise against this as it will cause knives to become blunt much more quickly and leave behind traces of metal that are very difficult to remove. Limestone, marble and hard stone, among others, are not suitable surfaces on which to chop directly. This will cause permanent, visible damage to the worktop.
  •  Every time you clean, it is very important to dry the surface well using a clean kitchen towel. This prevents a film being left on your worktop. Never use aggressive products such as oven cleaners, descalers, unblocking agents, etc. These can damage your material irreparably.
  • Never sit or stand on your worktops.

More info?

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