Quatre Saison Printemps Marble,

Spring Selection

The start of spring 2020 did not go as expected, in any case. These strange times will bring new challenges for each one of us. Despite everything, we want to help you enjoy the beauty brought to us by nature during this season. Our Stone Experts have selected four new natural stones.

Contact sales@potierstone.be for more information about these stones. They will be happy to help you – from a safe distance.

Quatre Saisons Printemps

An exclusive natural stone with a unique colour palette from the French Pyrenees.

Quatre Saison Printemps Marble, Quatre Saison Printemps Marble,

Tavolozzo Pastello

This pastel grey natural stone is criss-crossed by white and gold veins.

Tavolozzo Pastello Tavolozzo Pastello

Verde Marinace

An exotic natural stone from Brazil in which the colourful pebbles are clearly visible.

Verde Marinace green marble Verde Marinace green marble

Breccia Capraia

This primarily white natural stone contains fine hues that vary from purple to green.

Breccia Capraia marble natural stone

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