Safety First

At Potier Stone, we are committed to the well-being of our staff. So we asked graphic artist SMOK to draw attention to the importance of wearing personal protective equipment in an original manner.

In his own style, but with a link to our craft, SMOK created two superb works!

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment or PPE effectively helps prevent injuries. Wearing a half face covering is mandatory when dry working – and for those who are nearby – so as to provide protection against the noxious effect of quartz dust. The insoluble particles in quartz dust can prove very harmful to the body and the lungs. As a company, we are very aware of this and regularly remind our staff and the safety coordinator of the risks.

Quartz dust is found mainly in composites. As well as the half face coverings, we also provide local dust extraction and we try to process materials that contain quartz using wet methods as much as possible.


We don’t expect our staff to be quiet.
But we do think it is important for them to protect their ears and eyes properly.

Safety goggles are needed to protect the eyes against flying particles, splinters, corrosive substances, etc. Wearing safety goggles can prevent a lot of misery.

Hearing protection is mandatory at noise levels as from 85 dB(A). We had measurements taken in our workshops to check the decibels of various machines: The Breton (sawing machine) recorded 87 dB(A), the CNC machine produced 93 dB(A), and a small sanding machine 95 dB(A). So clearly, it is important to wear ear protection throughout our firm, as well.

Photography Cedric Verhelst

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