Rouge Belge, the beauty from Namur

If you think all marble comes from Italy, you are way off the mark. Belgium still has a few marble quarries, as well. Gris des Ardennes, Rouge Griotte and Rouge Belge are excavated from the Hautmont quarry in the province of Namur.

Belgian marble with colours varying from grey to pink, coral red and bright red.

These limestones display fine veins with white fossils of shells and coral. The red colour found in Rouge Griotte and Rouge Belge comes from bacteriological iron oxides dispersed throughout the stone. This colours the stone from grey to pale pink and deep red.

KVARCH – Rouge Belge marble – Photo Cafeïne KVARCH – Rouge Belge marble – Photo Cafeïne

The wild pattern and bright colour of this marble can put people off. So it is mainly used in renovations of classical buildings and monuments such as the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert in Brussels and the Louvre in Paris.

Combined with the right materials, this special stone can give your home a contemporary look.

KVARCH – Rouge Belge marble – Photo Cafeïne

This is what architect Tom Van Mieghem did with the total renovation of a private home in Ostend. Together with the client, he opted for a Rouge Belge kitchen worktop from Potier Stone on a grey-green base against a concrete wall. This combination of soft, cool materials lends spice and character to the kitchen, which was installed in the cellar.

The fossils in the natural stone refer back to the nearby sea and the personal collection of finds picked up in flea markets displayed above the worktop gives the kitchen a warm 1960s feel. You get the impression that your grandmother would love to prepare your favourite dish in this kitchen.

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