Providing relief at work

In the spring, Potier Stone staff received training that focused on ergonomics at work. Lifting and hoisting were the central issue among our manual workers, while the office staff focused on screen work.

The Ergo Support team taught us how complaints come about, how complaints are revealed, how habits develop and how the body compensates. They aim to take preventive measures to avoid complaints while working, and of course that is our aim at Potier Stone, too!

From theory to practice

After a theoretical session, we went to take a look at our own lifting techniques and office.
The height of the desks was adjusted, screens were raised and footrests were (literally) taken out of the cupboard.
All too quickly, it became apparent that our traditional desk chairs did not provide our staff with the necessary support at their desks.
Appropriate investments were made and these desk chairs were supplied by Ergo Support.

Weightless rocking

This ergonomic office chair includes a unique rocking mechanism that is adjusted to the body weight. This technique originated in the medical world. It is structured in line with the biomechanics of the human body. It is a specific technique that eliminates the constant pressure on the back almost entirely (in comparison with a conventional synchronous technique), so that our staff can now sit down ‘weightlessly’.

In addition, the chair constantly stimulates movement, which has a particularly positive effect on the back muscles. This is how Potier Stone deals with back complaints among staff, deploying ergonomics preventively.

Photography Cedric Verhelst

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