PS Masters – FK1 – photo Cafeïne

Potier Stone does it differently in the bathroom, too

Our customers like to challenge us: just think of pivoting doors, invisible flush buttons in the toilet and light switches. Unseen. From 18 to 22 October, Potier Stone will be at Interieur, where we will be proud to present PS Masters. In this new furniture line, we have created a washbasin made entirely of marble, the FK1.

FK1 by PS Masters: an exclusive and spectacular piece of bathroom furniture

Not a tub, tap or drain in sight. The first design from PS Masters is a unique washbasin unit created by Frederic Kielemoes. Just ten of these units are being put on the market, so this is a very limited edition!

PS Masters – FK1 – photo Cafeïne PS Masters – FK1 – photo Cafeïne

Interior designer Frederic Kielemoes was inspired by Unseen Water. The taps and the pipes are entirely concealed in the piece of furniture. Kielemoes suggested removing the basin. Those who didn’t know that FK1 is a washbasin are definitely in for a surprise. Our men and women show where Potier Stone makes the difference: the pattern flows seamlessly from the foreground to the background. As if the different levels had been chiselled out of the same block.

Innovating and inspiring in the bathroom with natural stone

Natural stone is trendy and more popular than ever. Every marble fan will find what they are looking for in our workshop. A Breccia Rosato from Verona has superb pink hues. So it’s no coincidence that this natural stone was selected for the very first FK1! We aim not just to innovate, but also to inspire. Our website is just the place for anyone in search of a luxury bathroom. Raise your interior to a higher level and enjoy this timeless touch of luxury.

Curious about the furniture? Feel free to come along in October (and prepare to be blown away)! For more information about Interieur, go to  this website.

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