Pascal Francois inspiration days Italy


Wim Nelis, CEO of Potier Stone, wrote this column about the natural stone sector for the trade journal ‘Natuursteen’ (1/2021/volume74).

As we used to, on the evening before the school trip, we lie nervously in bed, waiting until it’s time to go. To go and discover Spain, or Portugal, Italy or more exotic destinations. Owing to the pandemic – social distancing, curfew, the travel restrictions – part of our job is no longer the same. But we are hopeful. Hopeful of being able to stroll through shops again, to discover new blocks, hues, veining and textures, to enjoy ‘la dolce vita’ and exchange ideas. And to be amazed, time after time, by the design skills of Mother Nature.

The way that over time, a shell or a plant can change into a red, green, yellow or blue veined stone. Time after time, it keeps on amazing me and it makes us feel totally insignificant. Each block is unique, with its own properties, its own DNA. Each block bears within it the beauty of imperfection.

The conveyor belt of humanity trying to model nature is but a pale imitation. The original is far more beautiful, experienced, more authentic, more durable than the ‘cover’, but all too frequently maligned. It is up to us to give natural stone the place it deserves: far above all the manufactured plagiarisms.

Pascal Francois inspiration days Italy

Appeared in the ‘Distinctive’ section (‘Uitgesproken’) of the trade journal Natuursteen

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