natuursteen rally

Natural Stone Rally 2023

In collaboration with the National Natural Stone Federation, which is part of Embuild, the second edition of the Natural Stone Rally was held this year.

The second edition of the Natural Stone Rally was an unforgettable event. Potier Stone was part of an exclusive group exploring the superb world of natural stone. Our day began with an energising breakfast, followed by a fascinating visit to the Carrières du Hainaut quarries. There we discovered the very essence of the bluestone extracted from the depths of the earth.

The real action then started: the two-part rally. We “raced” through picturesque landscapes and quarries, all with one goal before us: to celebrate the exceptional beauty of natural stone. Precision and passion went hand in hand at this event. After an intensive rally, we were treated to a delicious lunch together. It was a moment of well-deserved relaxation and the chance to share experiences about our adventures with natural stone.


The second stage of the rally was just as breathtaking as the first, and even more secrets of natural stone were revealed to us at the end. Brachot, the natural stone wholesaler, awaited us at the finishing line, giving us an opportunity to witness the diversity and wealth of this superb material.

natuursteen rally

Drive in Style: Sign up now for the Natural Stone Rally 2024!

It’s time to take your classic car out of the garage and combine your passion for natural stone with an unforgettable adventure! We invite you to sign up now for the next edition of the Natural Stone Rally in 2024. Be prepared for a day brimming with elegance and adventure during which you can discover the marvellous world of natural stone as you drive around in your beloved classic car. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes, discover hidden treasures in quarries and share your passion with kindred spirits. Get ready to be part of a unique community of natural stone lovers and classic car enthusiasts. The Natural Stone Rally 2024 promises to be a day that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Make sure that your classic car is ready for this event and book your spot today. Be there and add a new chapter to this splendid adventure.

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