Stone Scan

Meet our new Stone Scanner

Upon arrival in our warehouse, each slab is scanned and digitalised using the Stone Scan Iris V2.3 from d2 Technology.
This gives us a faithful image of each natural stone slab, without the disruptive reflections that photographs can have.

An investment that allows us to manage our stock fully digitally. This gives us a clear overview of all the slabs in stock, with digital data that can be linked to the scan automatically. Cracks and other irregularities are detected by the scanner and indicated so that our production team can take them into account when cutting and processing the natural stone.

These scans are extremely helpful for making previews and rendering. For example, we can provide a clear picture of how the bookmatched slabs will look in your interior.

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Calacatta Rigate Oro Grigio Fantastico
Calacatta Viola Café Au Lait
Onyx Linea Light Breccia Fiume

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