man in exoskeleton met machine in de hand

Innovative protective equipment for a healthier workplace

At Potier Stone, we strive ceaselessly to improve the way we work and hence the well-being of our staff. We have recently invested in custom-made earplugs to protect our staff against loud noises, including the noise from our machinery. This ear protection is now in production. We are currently also in the test phase with an exoskeleton to relieve the strain on our staff when raising, lifting and making specific movements.

Customised earplugs

The custom-made earplugs are designed to protect our staff members’ hearing against harmful machine noise. They reduce the noise level without hampering communication and the awareness of our staff. As a result, our staff feel more involved in the work that they do and are better able to concentrate on their tasks.

Less strain, fewer troubles

We are also delighted to announce that we are currently in the test phase with an exoskeleton to relieve back strain among our staff when raising and lifting. The exoskeleton is designed to reduce back strain among our staff and make raising and lifting heavy objects easier and less physically demanding. This ensures that the work is not as heavy and reduces the risk of back injuries, so that our staff feel safer and more at ease when performing their tasks.

man heft marmer met exoskeleton

Activation and communication

We understand that integrating new protective equipment in the work environment can be challenging and does not always run smoothly. We are therefore investing in the necessary assistance to ensure that our staff understand how to use this protective equipment and why this is so important for their health and safety.

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