‘Expanding Universe’: an ode to endless evolution, modern architecture and natural stone

Just as the universe is constantly expanding, so the boundaries of science and technology are being pushed back. Day after day, knowledge, new perspectives and innovations are transforming our lives. The interior is no exception, and marble can be a model for progress, innovative techniques and trends. In the new ‘Expanding Universe’ trend box with its accompanying book, Potier Stone tells of the constant growth and development of natural stone and how the material impacts on today’s interiors.

Endless inspiration

To emphasis the unending nature of evolution, Potier Stone follows the eternal life cycle of a star. Through their colour, shape and texture, the ten carefully selected marble samples in the box symbolise various phenomena that occur in the universe. Each marble sample is described in detail in the accompanying book, with advice and tips on how to integrate the material into the interior. The elegant moodboards provide visual inspiration and lend more shape to the trend.

Expansion in your project

The detailed book and high-quality trend box provide the necessary inspiration for professionals when finalising projects. And although Potier Stone provides a starting point, it is up to interior designers and architects to bring their expertise to bear and use the materials in line with their own taste and insight. The QR code given with each sample leads to more details about the stone in question. More information is also provided about the whole marble slab from which the sample was cut. Be inspired and immerse yourself in the Fall 23 – Spring 24 selection. Discover 'Expanding Universe'  

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