Brussels Architecture Prize

The Brussels Architecture Prize award ceremony took place at Bozar, the Fine Arts Centre in Brussels, on Monday, 13 December 2021. This initiative turns the spotlight on Brussels as a metropolis with great spatial qualities where both established names and young architects can gain a foothold, as a laboratory for contemporary architecture and urban development where innovative projects are actively supported and as a source of inspiration for urban policy.

The seven prize winners went home with an award designed and made by Conrad Willems using natural stone from Potier Stone.


Conrad Willems created each award as a unique modular sculpture consisting of 11 building blocks presented in a hand-crafted walnut wood box. Each award was allocated its own natural stone. Conrad chose these materials carefully from our residual materials.

For example, the Major Intervention award was made of Verde Levanto, a dark, veined stone that shines green in the sunlight. The award for public space, meanwhile, was made of the highly exclusive Azul Macaubas, one of the few blue natural stones.

Prize winners


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