BNSA, what’s in a name?

United we stand. The BNSA, the Benelux Natural Stone Association, was established on the basis of this shared vision. This association brings together all companies in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg that are active in the natural stone sector. From stone quarries and importers to processors and installers.

United we stand.

Febenat, the Union of Marble Quarries and Sawmills of Belgium, the Federation of Belgian blue hard stone and the Federation of Natural Stone Workers (of which our CEO, Wim Nelis, is the chairman) combine and form the three chambers of the BNSA. There is one chamber for stone quarries, one for natural stone importers and one for natural stone processors and installers.
All the chambers are equally represented on the BNSA board.

Stijn Renier of Renier Natuursteen & Carrières de la Préalle is the new chairman. Isabel Gruwez is the coordinator, as she was previously at Febenat. The cooperation aims to promote natural stone and increase broad knowledge of the material. Among other things, the BNSA is therefore planning to set up a network platform in which everyone involved in the Benelux natural stone industry can take part.

Promoting natural stone

The BNSA undertakes targeted actions for architects, property developers and construction professionals and for the general public. In this way, the BNSA aims to arouse interest in natural stone and improve knowledge of the material. The association also arranges a number of practical actions, such as the annual BNSA Natural Stone Awards and training courses for architects and construction professionals. In addition, the BNSA can count on a number of existing initiatives. One of these is the publication of the former Febenat yearbook, which targets the entire natural stone sector. The TruStone Initiative aims to encourage more responsible production and purchasing of natural stone from places such as China and India.

As supporting the natural stone sector and those involved in it is a major goal for the BNSA, the association also relies on existing technical support including declarations of performance, CE marking and technical data sheets.

Natural stone is a totally natural product with a very low environmental footprint. This durable, costly material therefore calls for a sustainable vision. The BNSA promotes natural stone with a view to increasing its use in the Benelux and making more people aware of its strength. In this way, BNSA supports the entire sector and society in efforts to achieve the climate goals.


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