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This superb, linen-bound coffee table book contains the finest Belgian creations, with a focus on unique craftsmanship.
The art of a craft that puts the finishing touch to every interior. Artisans contains projects and photos of custom work including furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and more, all made by outstanding craftsmen.

This book presents the craftsmanship of Potier Stone through three superb projects:

Café Au Lait

Stylish Café Au Lait with details such as sunken handles in natural stone.
Design by Pieter Schoolaert, photography by Allt.

Artisans Beta Plus Publishing

Breccia Alba

Slightly daring, a distinctive stone combined with copper details.
Design by Bieke Casteleyn, photography by Bert Vereecke.

Artisans Beta Plus Publishing

Mystic White

Austere cosiness with an endless kitchen island.
Design by Eva Carlier & Duo D Concept, photography by Lenzer.

Artisans Beta Plus Publishing

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